JK Reproductive Solutions

The key reproductive solutions are

---Essential Heat & pregnancy Detection Tool for Vets & Dairy Farmers.

--CASA based sperm Analyser for multiple species including Poultry, Bovine, Canine and Equine.


The Global Dynamic Solutions of Essential Feed Premixes , Additives for Poultry, Dairy, Camels & Pet Industry.

--- Essential Feed Premixes for Poultry, Dairy, Camels and Pet Industry.

---Duopass: Double Protected Soya for High Yielding Cows.

--- Vitakarb: Retard Urea with 85% available Nitrogen for optimum rumen function.

--- JK Liquid Vitamin & Mineral Range


Global supplier of Quality Egg Grading, Packaging and Stamping Solutions.


JK Agriculture is delighted to announce the Pet Range.

Highly Innovative and Premium ''PerniC Cox Range'' to prevent and treat osteoarthritis.

The  proven  ''Natural Treatment''of Osteoarthritis in Canines by modulating the Cox 1 and Cox2 enzymes which contributes towards the reduction of inflammation.

JK Biogenic Pet Range

The Biogenic Pet product family is containing the highly scientific feed additives. The natural growth factors-''Humanofort'' &  A special Oligo peptide Salto3TM of the biogenic pet range help to control and restore the balance of the Canines and Felines. The key focus areas are:

Vitality, Mobility, Immunity, Digestion, Arthro- care & Balance.


Global supplier of Quality Egg Grading, Packaging and Stamping Solutions.

JK Agriculture Int LTD


We work with our partners to offer world-leading, innovative and technological farm solutions with professional dignity.

Our product development includes trace mineral supplement solutions, feed premix & concentrate solutions , egg grading, packaging and stamping solutions, farm nutrition supplements, TMR and feed quality solution and farm IT solutions.

JK Agri's comprehensive portfolio provides a sustainable and innovative approach for poultry cattle as well as other livestock species. With a global focus and local approach we have branches in United Kingdom, Ireland,Middle East, North Africa and Asia.

A Global Farming Partner

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